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The woman behind On Top is Heleen de Bruijn-van der Star. A well trained professional with a lot of experience.

About On Top Managementcoaching

On Top Managementcoaching

As management coach I help managers who are ready for their next step. I help you to develop an effective management style that is totally comfortable with you. With many years of experience in management, I have seen too often that managers like you had the potential, but they somehow could not use that potential effectively.

Most of the people that come to me are already very good at what they are doing. Now it is only a matter of ‘fine tuning’. With other words: the solution of the problem or question is so close. With effective tools, focused on action, they made great steps in their careers. And if they can do it, so can you.

Do you also want to know how I can help you? Try the Personal Strategy Session. During this session we are going to investigate what the real problem is. I can than also tell you what is necessary to break through the situation. So can start your day with fun and self-confidence. Interested? Click on the blue banner at the bottom of this page.


I have already helped a lot of managers on their way and some were so kind as to write a referral. Here are some examples. 

  • As director of my own company, I am as a manager responsible for managing my employees. This usually goes well, but unfortunately, time is not my best friend. My daily tasks are very divers. Because of that, I am at least 5 persons in one body. Structuring and planning my activities is sometimes a bit difficult for me. But now this goes a lot better, thanks to the collaboration with On Top Managementcoaching. I am very grateful for all the tips, tools and advise Heleen gave me. Because of this, I now work much more efficient! 

    - Reference Stef

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