Buddy system


During one of my sessions you will learn a new strategy, method or tool. There is a chance that this might fade during your daily work. After all you can only change yourself, not your team members. To make sure that all you have learned will not just evaporate, I have a solution:  the buddy system.

With the buddy system you will make sure that your personal development, your new management style, and your personal strategies will remain.

How does it work?

During one or two sessions a colleague is present. This is a person you trust. It can be a colleague or your own manager. You will determine which subjects will be discussed. During this session your buddy is informed of the goals you have set. When during, for instance, a meeting old patterns or behavior arises, your buddy can subtly make you aware of this. For instance by sending you an email or a quick talk after the meeting. This will give you valuable feedback and insight in how others perceive you during that meeting. It will also help you to create more support from your team. The price of this session is 59,00 Euro.

Why On Top?

  • Extensive experience

    With years of experience, I know the ropes and I am capable to help managers with their personal development.

  • Theoretical knowledge

    I am educated in NLP Practitioner, NLP Master Practitioner, NLP Mental Health Coach and TA Strategic Coaching.

  • Open & straightforward

    I believe in being honest and I will give you my sincere professional opinion and advices.

  • Focused on results

    You will get concrete steps to improve yourself. And I will make sure the acquired knowledge will take root.