Managing a value based TOP team

In the corporate world, we too often focus on results. In doing so, we ignore the fact that your team members have to participate in the process. Do you recognize that? A missed opportunity! Why is it that despite these efforts no noticeable improvement is visible in the KPIs?

If you:
• are 10 steps further than your team.
• are just only busy convincing your team.
• want an overview of what is really going on in your team.
• find it no problem to also look at yourself critically and to work on personal development.
• want to show that you are worth the job.
• want to achieve better results with your team.
Then the training is: Managing a value based TOP team the training for you.

The question is: do your employees function as a group or as a team? How do you as a manager of a group create a team? Let's assume that it is not easy to do this without the help of "strange eyes" in the form of professional guidance. But it gives a manager a firm grip when he knows where his group stands, recognizes the individual roles of the team members and can adjust his own attitude accordingly. To make it clear in which phase a group is, which bumps have to be taken and what role the leader must fulfil at that moment, we deliver success.

As a manager you have a clear picture what you want to achieve. The blueprint is already ready. That only means: working together to achieve those results. Why is it that we always have to activate / motivate our team?

This is a very common phenomenon within organizations. To what extent have you, as a manager, included your team in the development of the objectives?

Managing a value based TOP team

In this 2-day interactive training you will work intensively on your own work situation. You will get comprehensive information about how effective, profitable teams are built and where your own team still has some challenges. You will also gain insight into your own behaviour and how you can approach your (team) challenges in a positive, respectful and empathetic way.

With the help of the theory, exercises and insights you have received, you are able to apply what you have learned in your own work situation so that your team can achieve the desired results.

We think it's important to really experience what it's like to reach the top. A part of this training is therefore a via ferrata (climbing rock wall) accompanied by a qualified guide

This training takes place in a castle in the Belgian Ardennes.

The price includes:
Overnight in a luxurious castle with breakfast, lunch and dinner. Coffee and tea during the day
Climbing equipment (bring your own sports shoes with sufficient profile)
Guidance of a qualified guide (during the via ferrata)

Admission criteria
HBO thinking and working level
You are the manager of a team / director / CEO / director
You are in good (physical) health


Château Harzé

Rue de Bastogne 1

4920 Aywaille, België

You investment for this trianing is € 10.500,= (excl. VAT)

We guarantee you the following:
• You start working on yourself
• You will receive an interactive training
• You will not only receive very valuable theories, you will also convert these into tangible positive actions
• You will stay in a luxurious environment, where you will be completely free from the issues of the day
• The more you put in yourself, the more you get out of it

Self-insight is profit
By examining what you find important in managing your team, you get a clear picture of your corporate culture in a current vs. a desired situation. Through this insight you are able to break out of the current situation and achieve better results with your team.
You leave this training with positive concrete actions that you can immediately apply in your work. And of course you have experienced how liberating and fantastic it feels to reach the absolute top.

Why On Top?

  • Extensive experience

    With years of experience, I know the ropes and I am capable to help you reach your goals.

  • Theoretical knowledge

    Heleen is a certified NLP Practitioner, NLP Master Practitioner, NLP Mental Health Coach and Strategic Coach.

  • Open & straightforward

    I believe in being honest and I will give you my sincere professional opinion and advices.

  • Focused on results

    Heleen helps you with a concrete action plan, so you wil stop walking around in circles.