A glorified secretary. Come on!

01 January


Recently I attended a lecture by someone who talked about a very successful lady. This lady has single-handedly built a multimillion-dollar company. Amazing, right?

And then it came. The speaker said that this lady had started as an executive secretary. He said: And guess what, she was a secretary first and now she's a marketing guru. A glorified secretary!

His comment didn’t sit well with me. Apparently in 2022 it is still very common to see an (executive) secretary as a lady from 1960. One of those in a pencil skirt who serves the coffee and waters the plants of her boss. And apparently not as someone capable of running a profitable business

Dear reader, I don't have to tell you that the secretarial profession has developed enormously over the years.

My father used to say jokingly: I am the boss. And then my mother said: but I'm the neck that everything revolves around. This also applies to all secretaries. Everything revolves around you. A very high-quality professional. Without you, your manager would be in serious trouble.

I recently saw a vacancy text for an executive secretary. The job requirements were:
• complex calender management;
• be the 1st point of contact for the department;
• organize meetings;
• various administrative tasks;
• proactive attitude;
• source of information for internal and external parties;
• good at setting priorities;
• excellent communication skills.

And I already know, if someone reads this, who is not a secretary: complex calender management; so what? So what?? You will notice that if the secretary is ill. If she has to master all these requirements perfectly, why can't she set up a multi-million dollar company?

A glorified secretary? Come on!

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