The 3 things nobody told you when you started as a manager

15 March


The first day I started at my new job, I told myself: I am going to do things so different. I wanted to make my mark on the organization. I was enthusiastic and a little bit proud that I got this job. I worked out a strategy and I was sure I would get the best results with my team. During a meeting I informed my team of this strategy. But a week later I was a bit disappointed. My team did not change at all. They just did their job the way they have always done. Why couldn’t they see that things really needed to change?

What nobody told me is that I forgot the following My team members have worked a certain way, for years. They have put their heart en soul into their jobs. You don’t say: I do accounting. No, you say “I am an accountant.”

I don’t want to suggest that a change in strategy is also a change of someone’s identity, but lots of managers don’t realize the impact a change has on a team.

What to do?
Here are 3 tips that will help you implement your new strategy faster and more effective.

Discuss with you team what you want to change and be very specific about it. Don’t assume that everyone will always understand exactly what you mean. Your strategy / policy / change has to be SMART: Specific, Measurable, Accepted, Realistic and on Time.

And remember: your team does not want to be informed, they want to be inspired!

2. Setting an example
Say, for example, you want a decrease of the number of customer complaints by 20%. You have to show them how that is done. Set an example. Tell them exactly what you want. Don’t disappear behind your computer, talk with your people. Inform them of the good results of this new decision.

3. A bit of patience goes a long way
Especially in the beginning, your team has to get to know you and they have to get used to you. Give them some time. And, this is important: manage your team members the way you want to be managed.

Good luck!!!


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