Don´t worry about the future. Worry about your behaviour in the past

18 January


Do you recognize the following situation? You are on holiday in the snow. You are enjoying the skiing, but all of a sudden, you go to fast. You want to stop, you try to do something with your sticks, but it is too late: you are face down in the snow.

You know you have to slow down differently. Your ski instructor explained it to you very clearly. But when it gets a little scary or uncomfortable, you´ll do it your own way, the way you once learned yourself. And even though you know you are doing it wrong, you´ll do it anyway.

The same situation applies at the office with many people. Once, a long time ago, you have learned yourself a way to deal with a situation that was scary or uncomfortable like stress or criticism.

For instance you might check your work 3 times because you don´t want to make a mistake. But how productive are you?

Or you might be extra kind towards your colleagues because it is important to you to be liked (also known as the disease to please). But are your colleagues also kind to you?

Or you might have decided that you are going to be strong. Nothing can touch you, they can rely on you. But how much frustration hides under that layer of Teflon? And how long can you keep this up?

Dear reader, lots of people worry about the future at work. But if worrying would offer you the solution, go ahead, worry. In all other situations, take action. A good coach can help you with that.

Don´t worry about the future. Worry about your behaviour in the past.

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