If overthinking situations burned calories, I would be a super model by now

If overthinking situations burned calories, I would be a super model by now

01 January


It will never work!
Can I do this?
Who would hire someone like me?
I am not smart / beautiful / intelligent enough

These are those sentences that have haunted everyone. But why?

A small theoretical treatise
There is pain and there is suffering
Pain is a direct experience of a negative event. For example, an argument with a colleague or an annoying dismissal.

We suffer through the memory we relive or through past disappointments. Suffering is caused by our mind that forces itself upon us again and again.

But you should not think that our mind is our great enemy. Not at all. Our minds just don't like change. If everything stays as it is, everything is safe for you. Hence those sentences above that go through your head. Your mind wants to protect you.

But what if you want to develop in your career? Then it is time to take a gamble. A new training, a new project, a different set of tasks. Then the sentences at the top of this text are not helpful.

Many of my customers would like a career development, but lose faith with all those thoughts. They lose the overview. For example, I recently spoke to a secretary who was tired of her job. She would like to do something completely different, but
I have a mortgage to pay, I now have financial security
My children are going to college soon
I can do that at all?
What if it goes wrong, then what?
And she was just overthinking and over analyzing her situation. As a result, she remained in the same place. No career development, no nothing

The bus trip
If you still want to progress in your career, the following metaphor may help you

Imagine you are the driver of a bus and you are at the wheel. You have already determined the route. The destination is to get a job that does you more justice.
But in the bus are also different passengers, who in principle also want to go that way, but still have reservations.
You have the cautious passenger who says, "Careful, you could have an accident. I would turn around if I were you ”

Another passenger in the front who is concerned: “What if we get into a traffic jam, then we will arrive much too late. Let's rather go home than we'll be home before dinner ”

There is a doubting passenger who says: “Can you do that at all? Making such a big journey?”

And of course in the back there is the loud passenger. That is the passenger who is only making loud noise. So loud, then you can't even concentrate.

All these passengers are metaphors for the thoughts that go through your head. Be aware that your mind likes to keep you in your safe comfort zone. And that's fine. But thoughts are just that: thoughts.
You are so much more than just those thoughts, dear career tiger!

In addition, you are at the wheel.
Those thoughts will come and go. You would have preferred them not to be there or just to be silent, but, that's life.
So it is up to you to determine how much attention you give to all those thoughts. You are the boss, the driver who gives direction; to your life and your career.

And to all career tigresses: that bikini may not be an option anymore, but there are also nice bathing suits, right?

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