Just because you are struggling, doesn’t mean you are failing

01 January


He sat opposite me. Full of energy, open eyes and with a big smile.
He had just found a new job and he was really looking forward to it.
He just wanted to ‘level with me’ he said.

After a few questions and some tests, it turned out that he was indeed very positive about life. A good self-image, positive view of the world; in short: he just felt good in his own skin.

But something bothered him. There was no time for him to learn the ropes.
Just too busy, they said.
No problem, he thought, I'm just going to look for the answers myself. With colleagues, in old minutes, etc. But when something went wrong, he was bothered by that. He had made a mistake in an invoice and his manager was not really happy about that.
He was talking to himself: I have been working here for six months. Shouldn't I have known this?
But in all fairness; could he have known that?

And when after a while it turned out that he could not take on certain tasks because, according to his manager, his work was not yet up to standard, he got a little discouraged.

No problem! After a session he knew exactly what to do to prevent these situations from happening and develop in his new job.

Fortunately this gentleman was a happy and positive person, but that doesn't apply to many. After a few negative experiences, they become insecure and climb into their shell.

Dear career tiger, everyone makes mistakes. Otherwise they would have to employ Our Lord, right?

What is important is that you get a grip on the situation again. So you can be On Top (sorry for the pun).
Ask questions, do not simply accept everything.
Claim time from your manager, even if you have been employed for a year (!)
Make sure understand how your manager likes to work

In short; take action!

You have not failed, you are just developing.

Deel je ervaringen en lees die van anderen!