Leadership, but just a little different

Leadership, but just a little different

01 January


Last Saturday, at a birthday party, I was talking with a lady who was managing a team of seven. And what she said impressed me very much.

She cancelled all the meetings with her team. When she joined the company, there were bi-weekly person to person meetings, a weekly work meeting and a monthly MT. And every one of those meetings had some overlap in topics. She said to her team members: we will stop all those meetings and if you would like to discuss something; my door is always open.

When I was still managing a team, my door was always open too, but I had also set up a whole structure, with person-to-person meetings, work meetings, etc. Because I thought that is how it should be.

I also had to take notes at MTs, which I always hated. I drew up an agenda with a time schedule. Then discussed it with my manager. He would approve the agenda and then the time schedule would be completely forgotten during the meeting and the MT would always be delayed. Very tiresome.

No more meetings. What a time-saver that would be. If something comes up, put your heads together and come up with a solution.
For that lady at that birthday party, it worked. And now I would like to know from you. Could you do the same? Just no more meetings? What is your opinion?

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