Managerial secretary: you are a real Superwoman

01 January


Years ago I worked as an office manager for an international company. I had to manage a secretariat and a customer service department. A secretary also had HR duties as part of her position. It was always very busy at work.

Actually, I would prefer to have an extra employee, but there was no budget for that This secretary had drawn up an employment contract without mentioning the probationary period. Article 2, “We have a probationary period of 2 months”; it just wasn't there. She had worked too fast, she had missed that mistake

That contract has been signed by the HR officer and it has been sent. The applicant received the contract and was employed from that moment on. In retrospect, this applicant was not a good match, but because art. 2 was missing, we were stuck with this lady for at least another year.

A very costly mistake.
Made in a few seconds.
With many consequences.

When I found out, I didn't know what to say to her. I was just dumbfounded. I was so angry. How can she have forgotten art. 2? I could not believe it.
I also felt bad for her. After all, she didn't make that mistake on purpose. It just happens in all the hustle and bustle. I understood that too

So there I was stuck between anger and understanding.
Furious from my business role, understanding from my human side.

Then my manager came in the room. He was also furious. He was a regional manager who, of course, also had to report to his director. The HR officer had to come and he was stammering a bit, just like that secretary. Can you envision the scene?

Actually, as a managerial secretary, you are a real superwoman.
You're angry about a mistake that could have been easily prevented
And you feel bad for the secretary
And you need to make sure that person pays more attention in the future
And you have to find a solution to prevent big mistakes from happening again
And you need to provide enough security in your team so that they don't hide a big mistake next time
You and you alone have to find a solution for all this mess. And that can feel a bit lonely sometimes.

I'm getting tired just typing all this

It takes a lot out of you mentally. How do you stay calm in such a storm? How do you keep a grip on the situation?

I just want to say it again, dear reader: you are a real Superwoman

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