My love/hate relationship with Vera

My love/hate relationship with Vera

01 January


This is Vera
Vera tolerates no contradiction
You just have to do what she says.
No discussion!
Vera is the instructor at “horse riding for beginners” in the equestrian center. I estimate her in her mid-20s. She can easily manage a group of people in their fifties and give orders in a directive manner.
Vera feels completely comfortable in her dominance.
Vera is polite but firm.
When your horse has done no. 2, she gives you a shovel and instructs you to clear it.
She really won't do it for you.

I admire Vera.
So young and so good at leading a group of horses and people. Awesome!
She tells you how to ride. She makes it very clear to you what you are doing wrong. And if you get it wrong again, she'll get annoyed.
Vera doesn't feel the need to be liked.
Vera isn't nice and that's not important at all for her.
She is responsible for ensuring that both humans and horses remain intact during the lesson. If something should go wrong, she will be the first to hear from her boss.

And that's how it is at the office as well
Suppose you are an executive secretary or office manager who also has to lead a team.
So, like Vera, you are responsible for your team
If something goes wrong within your team, you will be the first to hear from your manager. And that can sometimes feel quite lonely. For example, if a team member is not performing very well, it's up to you to fix it. Maybe you are irritated too. But addressing someone about his / her behavior is difficult. Naturally; you're a professional, but you're also human.

Why is leading a team so difficult?
Dear reader, leadership and developing your own management style is something you have to learn. Just like secretary school. And both require some time and energy. But it can be done. You don’t have to become like Vera. But developing your own management style that completely suits you is absolutely achievable. 

And if you want to see how easily Vera can do that, I cordially invite you to visit the riding school.

Deel je ervaringen en lees die van anderen!