Some appreciation would be nice

Some appreciation would be nice

01 January


Imagine the following situation for a moment.
You are an assistant for a board member and you also manage 5 receptionists.

The company you work for is probably being taken over. Now all kinds of figures and data have to be supplied to your boss (i.e. that board member). And as an experienced assistant, you make sure that all data is on his desk on time.
It is busy
It's hectic
Maybe you will be declared redundant?

And here is the problem. Now that the weather is starting to get nicer, all 5 receptionists want to have some time off. There is another secretariat (3 ladies) who took time off at the same time and transferred the phone to the reception. And if the secretariat is allowed to be free, then so are they, according to the reception.
This is not what you need right now. You would also like to have a day off sometime. But because of the workload and your sense of responsibility, that simply isn't possible.

In addition, some situations had arisen with the reception.
Situation #1
Last week your boss called the reception from his car. It took a very long time before the phone was answered. Your boss was 'not amused'.
That receptionist was very shocked that the director was angry with her
You as a team leader were also blamed, and you were not even near that reception
Since then, you have ensured that there are always 2 receptionists present.
You handled that situation well

Situation #2
A receptionist called from her home. She couldn't come to the office because she had a big pimple on her forehead (yes, this really happened!). At first you want to say: I don't care, you're coming now! But you also know that you have to communicate constructively. So you take a deep breath and say that we really can't live this day without her.
Potential conflict averted
Receptionist got a compliment
Two receptionists present

Situation #3
A manager had asked the reception to print a document. Something went wrong during printing and all the papers were mixed up. It wasn't the 1st time this happened. That manager went to the reception angrily and shouted at her.
This is of course unacceptable. So you went to that manager and you said that everyone can make a mistake. And if that manager had something to say in the future, he could do so with you.
You stood up for your team member

In situation no. 1 you have provided a permanent solution. From now on, the phone will always be answered on time
In situation no. 2 you have arranged the occupancy for that day again. Your powers of persuasion have been called upon and you did not get irritated
In situation #3 you defended that receptionist.

Crises averted, saved the day
And in all those situations: no one sees what you did. And no one appreciates it.

I know there are many assistants who had similar experiences. But, what to do? I know what is not OK: you sitting behind your computer with a pile of frustration!

A few suggestions

  1. Sometimes you just have to ask for a compliment. You can go to your boss or your colleagues and say: look, I did this. For example, you have found a cheaper cleaning service. The other person can only agree with that and compliment you. You shouldn't do this too often, but you (I hope) figured that out yourself.
  2. Your work isn't everything. Make sure you have a private life in addition to your work life. Of course that sounds like a no-brainer, but how many times have you been to a café with your friend this week? Just to have a nice chat?
    So,go for a walk in the woods.
    Go shopping
    Go to the gym, take a fun Zumba class or do yoga
    You name it, but do something that has nothing to do with your work. It prevents you from being frustrated at home and you can recharge for the next day at the office.

And if you need some extra motivation? Then I will give it to you wholeheartedly: Come on lady, you can do it!!!

Deel je ervaringen en lees die van anderen!