Sometimes I feel like giving up, then I remember I have a lot of motherfuckers to prove wrong

01 January


I found this quote on a site College behavior and I thought it was so current. I'll tell you why.

For a few months now I have been posting on Facebook and LinkedIn with an invitation for a virtual lunch. Corona has postponed all my workshops and group trainings and now that I have time to spare, I offer people from my network a free virtual lunch. During half an hour you can discuss all kinds of matters related to your career with me.

And although I don't make a penny with it, I love it. Because I literally get the whole world in front of my computer screen. From America to Saudi Arabia to Africa, India, China and even Belgium and the Netherlands. Never thought I would enjoy this so much.

And the funny thing is; all these people, all over the world, all run into the same things. So we are not that different afterall (!)

  • I spoke to a Moroccan who has developed really creative concepts and wants to start a company with that
  • A high potential from India who wants to give more substance to her career
  • A lady from Iran who can create such good sites that companies want to hire her. They literally find her on internet

And do you know what these people run into? A toxic environment. People who give a little too much criticism, who like drama and arguments, who really can't stand that you can shine more brightly than they can. You know them; that friend who is not happy with your success.

Because of this behavior, these toppers are held back in their further development. And that is a shame. As a result, projects are delayed, they do not get the best out of themselves and there is always that paralyzing doubt. Am I good enough? Can I do it? Maybe do something else?

To all who recognize themselves in these examples: please don't give up, never give up !!

Do not forget; this is your life. And it would be a shame if you kept thinking: “what if”.

But how do you show that motherf @ # $ rs are wrong? I recommend the following

Consider how important this person is to you and how much effort it takes to be with this person.
Do you have to change yourself completely for someone else? Then it might be time to take a step back for a while. I know someone who literally emigrated to another country in order not to be around his mother

Keep a diary
You literally write everything out of your system. The great thing is that you can read your own development over time. You often forget daily things very quickly. I had to tell someone recently: don't you remember that a few weeks ago you felt completely insecure, sad and demotivated. And now look at you: the world at your feet.

Take action!
Don't overthink everything. I could do this, or not? The most important parts of this advice are “focus” and “having a plan”. Focus and having a plan provides structure. So do not start half-heartedly with three subjects. A course here an internship there. No, you focus on 1 topic. For example: I am going to start my own company. And then you make a plan with a deadline. If I want my company up and running before December 1, for example, what actions do I have to take to meet that deadline?

And so if you want to give up, remember that you first have to show all those motherf @ # $ rs that they were wrong. Ha!

Deel je ervaringen en lees die van anderen!