Sometimes you have to say goodbye to someone to prevent you from saying goodbye to yourself

01 January


There are colleagues with whom you have to work together, but who you would rather not see after office hours. Those colleagues who would like to play the boss over you. Or those who like to tell you exactly what you did wrong. Or those who make silly jokes, which you don’t find very funny at all.
If someone, for example at home, were to do the same, you might have started a fight.

But at work it is different and to keep the peace, you say nothing.

There are also managers that according to you, should not be in that position. You know, those managers who are only working for their own career. Or those directors who can only manage in an uninterested, derogatory or offensive manner.
If someone had treated you like that in a bar, for example, you would probably have made a big fat scene.

But at work it is different and to keep the peace, you say nothing.

The title of this blog is a quote I found on Pinterest. And I thought it was so strong. Because we have all experienced situations in which, in retrospect, you would have wanted to react differently. For example by not tolerating, but by standing up to someone.

But, it is your job and most of us spend around 8 hours a day there. And besides; everyone (including you dear reader) has a need to belong to a group. So gradually you adjust yourself a little bit. You accept something again, you bite your tongue yet another time. But in the meantime you are boiling inside.

You are normally not like that at all and you don't want to be that way at work.

Remember that you are completely unique as a person. A fantastic beautiful human being with a wonderful personality and values and standards. And if you are yourself unconditionally, without compromise and without playing roles, you are the most powerful person on this planet.

By not keeping the peace, but by resolving irritations or conflicts in a constructive way, you will gain respect. That does not mean that you can yell at your colleagues and give your boss a kick. No, by dealing with issues in a respectful and positive manner, ensures that you are not saying goodbye to yourself. By simply clearing the air can bring an enormous relief. Did you know that people even lose weight as a result!!

And yes, that can lead to some distance between you and annoying colleague. But, ask yourself, is that bad thing?

Deel je ervaringen en lees die van anderen!