To all secretaries: you are heroes!

To all secretaries: you are heroes!

01 January


As a secretary you actually know everything.
You know your manager's private situation.
You have access to confidential information.
You know which team leader is having a bit of trouble at the moment.
You can exert your influence (in a positive way).
And you can participate at a strategic level in the MT

Suppose you are in the MT meeting and you have just made a very valuable suggestion regarding a cost reduction. Everyone thinks it's a good idea. And you even get a compliment from your manager.
But then something weird happens.
There is no coffee yet.

It's very strange, but suddenly everyone is looking at you again.
One minute you have valuable input and the next you have to walk into the conference room with a tray full of clinking cups.
Because that is what is expected of you.

From full-fledged sparring partner in the MT to… coffee lady?
The transition is so big
Dear reader, don't get me wrong: I don't look down on coffee ladies. What I experienced when it happened to me was that I suddenly felt a certain distance. A distance between me and my manager and a distance between me and the MT. In a few seconds I was no longer part of the group.

Sure; You can expect a lot from someone in your role, at your level. And that's no problem. A certain degree of resilience comes with the job. You probably won't show anything in such a situation, but it still feels a bit lonely (at least for me it did at the time).

I've had my own coaching practice for years now, so I'm no longer employed, but sometimes I still think about these kinds of situations.

And that is why I just wanted to let you know that for me you are alle absolute heroes.
Come on lady!! You can do it!!

Deel je ervaringen en lees die van anderen!