29 December


I know for sure that 99% of the managers who returned from their Christmas holiday, want to go straight back home again. Because, OMG what a difference. From a Christmas dinner with the family, to the hectic office life.

I will give you a simple tip that is really effective: H.O.T.

Helicopter view

With other words; take a step back from your desk. When you come to the office in the morning, don’t start checking your email immediately. The chances are you probably will read and answer all your mails and before you know you will lose yourself in all kinds of details. 


Create an overview by making a list of all your actions. Having an overview is essential. And now I can almost hear you say: Heleen, this is old news. But wait, you can add a time frame or planning to this list. 


After you have made a list of all your actions, you can make an indication of how much time each action will take. You can also determine whether this action is very urgent or whether it can wait until tomorrow.  

With this list you will have a complete view of the work that needs to be done. You are on top of things and you can plan your day better. You will see how much H.O.T. will help you in your hectic job.

Deel je ervaringen en lees die van anderen!