Well, jeez! I Am not a social worker

Well, jeez! I am not a social worker

01 January


She sat in front of me and threw her hands in the air. Do I also need to take a Social Work course?
Carol is an executive assistant who also has to manage three receptionists.

Her team was not doing well at all. Mistakes were made regularly and this affected the entire organization, and Carol in particular.

The receptionists have to answer the phone, handle the mail and order office supplies.

One was always late for work, so the phone was not answered until 8.35, sometimes at 8.40. It drove Carol crazy

One always made mistakes with the orders. For example, she ordered 20 boxes of ballpoints instead of 2

And the third kept walking away from her desk, so the phone rang 10 times before it was picked up. It also happened once when the director called. He was not amused by the way.

Recently, one of them also didn't want to come to work because there was a huge pimple on her forehead (this really happened!)

And when she confronts someone about a mistake, the whole bag of tricks opens.
“Oh no, that was because I was so busy”
“But I didn't do that at all”
“Yes, but I had a terrible headache”
“Everyone is against me”
“Yes, but I have problems at home, so I can't concentrate”
And if she reacts irritated because it went wrong for the 10th time, then the tears will start.

Every morning when Carol steps out of the shower, a wave of frustration and irritation immediately surfaces. Back to the office. Listen to that whining again. Why can't they just do their job. That's what they are paid for.

She had already given one a bad performance review, but that had completely demotivated her and made her function even worse
She had already threatened one with dismissal, but then she immediately got her own supervisor on her back.

As a coach, I see this regularly. An executive assistant who has difficulty with managing a team.
Would you like to be a good manager?
So that it doesn't cost you endless energy?
Do you want to develop your own unique management style?

You can talk to me about it for half an hour without obligation. Are you interested; send me a message.

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