What creative solution do you have?

What creative solution do you have?

01 January


Now that gas is getting more expensive, you see that people are becoming more and more creative. You have solar panels, you lower the thermostat and there are infrared heaters for the workplace.
It is a problem, that no one asked for and that is presenting itself in full force.
Sure, the prices are already a bit lower, but still.
And when it suddenly gets very cold, you see that people come up with very creative solutions.

An external urgency can therefore lead to creative solutions

And now to the office.
You work as a assistant and you also manage a secretariat. You were put in that position on a Monday and from that day on work has been crazy busy.
You might have thought that you would approach leadership so differently than all those managers you've had. But now you find out that leadership is not always easy. You somewhat follow the management style that your manager also uses.
But what is your management style?
What do you think is important as a manager?
Where do you stand as a professional?
In fact, you are far too busy to deal with such matters. There is such a big gray cloud hanging over your work. You have to think about everything. Always thinking 1 step ahead. Why can't that cloud disappear? You keep 100 plates spinning simultaneously like a circus act, when will it become 1?

In fact, you yourself are symbolically out in the cold

You may have already had solar panels installed on your roof at home, why not solve the urgent problem at work?
In other words: when does the urgency become big enough for you to come up with creative solutions? You may tell yourself that it's not too bad, but you're actually symbolically out in the cold

Do you have to be overworked first?
Is every weekend ruined because you think too much about your work?
Are you constantly walking around with a headache?
Do you have to admit after a few months that you really only achieved small successes?

Before I started my own business, I also managed a team. I found that very difficult at first. I thought I could do it without any problems. Well, that was not the case (and that is putting it mildly).
So I understand how you feel and I feel for you
I want to spare you from this above mentioned scenario, before it really gets out of hand.
I don't want it to come to that and it doesn't have to.

Would you like to talk to me about it? Please contact me.

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