What do a chocolate cake and an executive assistant have in common?

What do a chocolate cake and an executive assistant have in common?

01 January


Saturday I stood on the scale and I was a bit shocked.

The holiday was coming soon; of course I want to be beautiful in my bikini on a sunbed.
My husband also thought it was time to do something about it. Yes, to him.
The two of us could instantly name a list of all those things we ate / drank that weren't so healthy, but tasted oh so good.

But starting tomorrow, we would really get to work.
Because it couldn't go on like this.

Today is hubby's birthday. That doesn't help, of course, because then we eat a cake. Because well, it's only his birthday once a year, so 1 cake should be possible. And then we go out for dinner in the evening. And gradually I'm undermining myself.

So funny: I can leave a bowl of carrots without any problem, but if you put a chocolate cake in front of my nose, I can't hold back.

I set myself a target and a day later that target has already been killed.

Many targets are also regularly killed at work.

Take Sylvia, for example.
Sylvia is an executive assistant who, in addition to supporting her manager, also manages a team.
Her manager is demanding and sometimes not always reasonable.
At first she was still part of the team. And when she was hired in her current role, she decided that she would do everything different.
She would be a buffer between her unreasonable manager and her team.
She would bring a new, positive energy in the secretariat.
This will be an enthusiastic secretariat that will work full of enthusiasm and passion.
Her manager would compliment her (a rarity in the company) and her team members would be happy with her.

Starting tomorrow, she would really get to work.

But the very next day things already went wrong.
The holidays are coming and everyone wants to go on holiday at the same time. 5 ladies away at the same time, that is of course not possible. They had just put their holiday requests on her desk. It hadn't occurred to them to discuss it with each other first. She was completely frustrated and irritated. She just couldn't believe that everyone had individually thrown their holiday requests on her desk. Now she has to explain that not everyone can leave at the same time.
And bam! Her positive energy; all gone.

She had set herself a target and a day later that target was already killed.

But how can you make sure that you stick to your targets?

I'm sure there are plenty of ladies in the secretariat with great ideas and abilities who want to give up after 1 setback (whether it's holiday troubles or something else). Going to work frustrated every day, that is not the solution. Would you like to know how you can turn things around?

In my coaching you will learn how to bring your vision, ideas and plans regarding the development of yourself and your team to success.
Do you want to know more about that? Then please contact me.

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