Why is it always them against me at the secretariat?

Why is it always them against me at the secretariat?

01 January


Anne has been working at the secretariat for a few years now. She always dreamed of a promotion. She wanted a managerial position. And she succeeded. Anne has become team leader of the secretariat. She should be very happy, but why isn't she?

When Anne was still part of the team, she really enjoyed herself. Working together with her colleagues. Work hard, but also having a lot of fun. Lunch together and sometimes a Friday afternoon at the café to celebrate the weekend. When it was Saturday, she could already look forward to Monday.

But now she has a headache every Sunday, because the misery starts again the next day.
The hassle every day
Frustration every day
Every day she had the feeling; it's them against me.

This week for instance. The receptionist was sick. So someone from the secretariat had to work in her place for a day. Nobody wanted to do that. So, to set a good example, Anne sat down there herself.
She got a customer on the phone, she wanted to transfer them to the secretariat, and then…..the phone was not answered. She knew her team members were all there, but they just didn't answer the phone.
So frustrating
So exhausting
To start another discussion again
In fact, Anne was completely done with it.

Anne didn't mind to take a critical look at herself. What could she have done better? What did she do wrong? Did she do anything wrong at all? But she was so annoyed that there was no room to ask herself those questions at that moment. Anne was just fed up.

OK yes, she was eager to have this job. She was really ready for a promotion.
In her mind, it was all clear, but then why did it feel so frustrating in her heart?
Why didn't they just want to work for her?

When I was managing a secretariat myself, I had the same frustrations.
Every assignment I gave, was always a hassle.
And just like Anne, I always had the feeling that it was them against me.
Until I found out that I myself had a role in the hassle.

I found out that my management style was rather unclear. Like Anne, I also wanted to set a good example, in the hope that my team would do the same.
But my team members had no interest at all in good examples.
All the wanted were clear decisions, guidelines and rules.
This was such a valuable insight for me: what does my team need (management wise).

I can tell you what they didn't need: indirect communication and then hope they would understand.

And yes, that can be scary.
You make a decision that not everyone is happy with.
But that's what you were hired for.

Do you also manage a secretariat? And do you also run into the same frustrations as Anne? And would you like to talk about it without any obligation?
Please contact me. I'd be happy to help you on your way.

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