Yes! This makes me happy

Yes! This makes me happy

01 January


She was sitting in front of me: a French assistant who supported a general manager and managed a secretariat. She was not really happy with her work. She wanted a better work-life balance. But she also wanted to be more of value to the organization. She kept saying: there is so much more in me. But how do I get that out. She worked in a technical company with only IT people. And she had no technical background. So how could she still make a valuable contribution (besides her own work, of course) and achieve a better work-life balance?

After a short analysis, it turned out that there were really too many meetings in the company. As an assistant, she realized very well that things could be done better. She chose to make a thorough analysis of all the meetings that were held in the company.
Who attended which meeting and why?
How often were meetings held?
How often did she have meetings with her own team?
What was actually discussed?
Which meetings did her director attend?
How long did those meetings actually last?
What was the purpose / goal of the meeting?

I immediately saw her eyes sparkle. Within a few days she had analyzed and had a proposal ready that made the meetings much more effective.

She was happy.
This analysis saved her time. She could give a deeper valuable impulse to her work. She not only helped her director with processes, but also created a new direction in her work.

Her director was happy.
A clear analysis with a proposal that he could use

And I was happy.
I always feel very connected to my clients and the personal development that someone goes through in a short time makes me very happy. I have been able to advise someone with a certain feeling of dissatisfaction in a new direction. I really have the most rewarding job in the whole world.

Do you recognize yourself in this lady and do you also want to give a deeper impulse to your work? Please contact me.

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