You only need 1 decision to have a completely different career

01 January


There she was. She had been planning to contact me for a while now.

She was an expat's wife and the mother of a little girl. In her homeland she had studied marketing. She liked the study, but she found the work in marketing rather boring. Actually, the move abroad gave her the reason she needed to quit her job. And now that her daughter had grown a bit older, she could start working again.
But what could she do? What did she want?
Most of all, she knew what she didn't want.

This is of course also the opportunity to do something exciting. Finally the chance to find a job that is fun. But how?
She just needed a little help making a decision. And getting her new career on track.

Within half an hour during the session it was already clear what she did want: she wanted to start her own business. You just saw her eyes light up. Finally a direction. Finally a goal to work towards. In any case, a good starting point. The new opportunity for a completely different life. And she grabbed that opportunity with both hands. So exciting.

It is also a matter of just doing it. Just make the decision to do it differently. Of course with a well-designed plan. And with SMART actions (Specific Measurable Acceptable Realistic Time-bound) but you already knew that.

And, dear career tiger, if you have also made the decision to make a change in your career, I will now give you an important tip: first determine your goal and then calculate back in time.
For example: I want to start a gift shop in 2022.
Then I have to make sure that I start looking for a suitable property in 2021.
I also have to register at the Chamber of Commerce, in December of 2021.
Etc etc.
Always take a small step back in time until you arrive at the present. And then you link an action to each step.

I am sure that this intelligent and capable lady will have her own business within six months. And I will be the first customer. Ha!

Deel je ervaringen en lees die van anderen!