Your opinion doesn’t matter

Your opinion doesn’t matter

01 January


I was about 25 years old and I worked for a director who was rather difficult to get along with. We were going to move into another building and with that move I ended up in an office where my filing cabinets didn't fit. I said, but I don't want that.
To which he said: your opinion doesn’t matter.

This director liked to use Latin terms in his documents and when I asked what they meant, he said: oh yes, of course you didn't have Latin at school.
You probably think I'm making this up. Not really!

Today at 52 I would have dropped my pen and resigned immediately. But then it was different (economic) times and the jobs were not there for the taking. Since then I have a thorough dislike for people who think they are better than the other.

My coaching and group trainings are always aimed at equality and mutual respect. Everyone has their own role, contribution and expertise in the business process. And together you get the job done

The tricky thing is, the contribution and expertise of an executive assistant are unfortunately often considered as normal. As if others don't see what you're doing.
I have received comments on other posts before and the words that many use are: undervalued, unimportant and underestimated

And that can feel pretty lonely. It kind of looks like you're watching from a distance.

In addition, many ladies want to be liked and they find a good atmosphere very important. After all, you want a good working relationship with your team and your own manager.

This also makes it difficult to stand up for yourself. After all, you have a supporting role.
There is also the risk that you always think of the needs of others.
But you have needs too.

For those who read this: I sincerely hope that you never had such a director as I did at the time. I hope you have a constructive director.
I believe that you can do so much more than you think
I also believe that a development in yourself only improves the quality of your work. And others at work also benefit from this.

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