Your work is a selfie

01 January


Yeah you read that right. The way you do your job is actually a self-portrait.

Suppose you are starting a new job.
Everything is new. You still have to get to know your organization, the people and your manager of course.

I don't know what happened to you, but when I was still employed and started somewhere, you saw the following happen on the 1st day at work.

You come in and you see someone looking startled: “Oh yes, you were supposed to start today. Eh, well welcome ”.
And then it continues.
“Yes, this is actually your desk, but now there is someone else sitting there. Um, do you already have a login name? No? Oh, I am going to get that now and then I am also going to introduce you to your colleagues.
Eh well, here are some documents, you can read them to get a feel for the organisation. Oh yes, and you still have to schedule an introductory meeting with these people.
Eh: Welcome ”

And now you have 2 choices
Or you get a little insecure, maybe even cranky. You can think: well that went well! That was totally different at my previous job. Now I have to read these documents, and I don’t even know the organization yet.
Great! Apparently the induction program for new employees has not yet been taken care of very well. I'm going to pick that up right away

Another example. I had colleague who always complained about everything. Our supervisor was a@#$, or a colleague who made a mistake, etc. etc. Everything was wrong in her eyes. The funny thing was that after a while she started “contaminating” the entire department with that attitude. It almost became like us versus them. If someone wanted to borrow a stapler, it was said that it belonged to our department. This really happened.
You understand that if you go along with that negativity, the quality of your work is not exactly high.

And again, you have 2 choices
Do you choose the safety of the group or do you go for your own career.

Dear Career Tiger, there is no right or wrong answer.
There can be 100 circumstances why you make a certain choice in a situation.
But remember: your work, your attitude is absolutely monitored. By your colleagues, but also by your manager. And that is really something to keep in mind now that the economy is not doing well.

Your work is a selfie

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