Below are the frequently asked questions and its answers:

Coaching is to expensive. Can i afford this?

It is always difficult to determine what is expensive. You will find my prices at the sessions. My company is located in France and I am "auto entrepreneur", so you will not pay no VAT.

Coaching takes too much time

Hnm not really. My sessions are usually 1 – 1.5 hrs. I personally don’t believe in long sessions. My sessions are quick and focused on action so you can go straight back to work again.

My employer pays for my coaching, will he/she be informed of our meetings?

No, our sessions are completely confidential. Everything you and I discuss remains between us. If you want your employer to be informed, we can of course make an exception. 

Coaching is for people that have serious problems

No silly! Of course not. It is fun talking to a coach. You can discuss things that are difficult to talk about with your colleagues or partner. My job is to listen, investigate and ask objective questions. My goal is that you are going to feel comfortable in your own skin and that you enjoy your work again. 

Coaching is fun!!

After 6 months nothing really has changed

It is true that certain behaviors are difficult to change. Some behavioral scientist even claim it will take 5 to 6 years! And it often happens that when you are at your desk, your new insights will fade away. That is why I created the buddy system.

How does coaching work at On Top Managementcoaching

Before we start, I shall first ask you some questions. If I suspect matters or illnesses that fall beyond my scope or expertise, I shall inform you that a consult elsewhere is preferable.

You will receive a confirmation of the session with Terms en Conditions. After the session I shall make a report that I will keep