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On Top Manager Heleen

The woman behind On Top Management coaching is Heleen de Bruijn-van der Star.

About On Top Managementcoaching

If managing a team is a bit difficult

You are an absolute professional. As a secretary, you have plenty experience and you know what you are made of. You have a healthy dose of self-confidence and pride. In the meantime you have made some steps in your career and now you also have to manage a team.

Of course your ego was a bit stroked when they asked you for this position. You have already worked with (or for) different managers of whom you thought: what are they doing in this place. So blunt or so condescending. Without any self-reflection.

You would do it completely different than all those managers you were cursing at at home. But gosh, this is disappointing; besides your work also good leadership pfff

"I can attest that Heleen de Bruijn is an excellent coach!"

Do you recognize this:

  • Now that you're the manager, they suddenly look at you differently. In the past you could have a nice chat during the coffee break, but now there is a certain distance. And that sometimes feels quite lonely.

  • If team members go off the rails, you will be held accountable. And that keeps you awake at night. You feel inadequate again. It is simply difficult to address colleagues when they do something wrong. For you, but also for them. It makes you nervous just thinking about it.

  • Out of your sense of responsibility, you prefer to do everything yourself. Then at least it's done right. But your workload is getting higher and higher and you get headaches from the stress again. One aspirin is no longer enough to get rid of it.

  • In the morning under the shower, all discussions with your team members go through your head again. Now you know what you should have said. But actually you are already tired and the day has yet to begin.

How can this go on? How long can this situation continue? Until you're all tired and weary? Sitting at home all tense? Then look for another job? Throw in the towel?

Time to take matters into your own hands again. You just know that you are a good manager and that just needs to come out.

A virtual lunch with Heleen

Would you like to talk to me about this completely free of charge and without obligation? Then I'll offer you the virtual lunch. During your lunch break you go behind your screen with your sandwich and I go behind my screen with mine. And then you can ask me anything and tell me anything that's bothering you. I will then help you as best I can. Is that a good plan? Beautiful! This is my phone number: 0031 (0)6 - 2303 1090. Call me.

"I had my lunch with Heleen and she really helped me. I 100% advise to meet her."


I have already helped a lot of people (not only secretaries) on their way and some were so kind as to write a referral. Here are some examples. 

  • After working 12 years in a hair salon, I decided it was time to start on my own. A big step for me! I could sometimes hardly oversee all the fears and questions that arose. With help of the coaching sessions of Heleen I got a clear picture of everything. I no longer get side tracked, now I follow my own vision. I have now opened the doors of my own business. And thanks to the help I got, I am totally ready! Super!

    Marcelia Surink

    - Studio Ceel

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