Effective e-mailing

Effective e-mailing

Effective e-mailing
What is it worth to you if the number of emails per day would decrease by 25%?
Imagine you have a team of 15 people who spend 2 hours a day on emails. And suppose their hourly wage is 100.
€ 100, = / hour is € 1.67 per minute. A decrease of 25% in 2 hours is therefore half an hour.
30 minutes x € 1.67 = € 50 per day x 15 people = € 750 per day.
That means € 15,000 on the basis of 20 working days

Of course, the arrival of e-mail has greatly enriched the business world, it is 99% reliable and all our customers have e-mail, making it an indispensable means of communication in the office and daily life.
But what if you receive 60 - 80 emails per day? What if you spend on average 4 hours a day at mailing? Can you still handle your other tasks? And how nice would it be if you don't feel the need to check your e-mails in the evening when you are at home?

In other words, how much is effective e-mailing worth to you?

I also suffered from the enormous amount of emails I received per day. I saw that others were also bothered by it and that is why I developed a method. I have incorporated this method in the training: "Effective E-Mailing".
The training "Effective E-Mailing" consists of 3 parts.

1st part: the preparation
Prior to the training day, I will schedule a preparatory interview with the applicant. During this conversation we can add some nuances and accents to the training together. For example, if the participants are all executive assistants, then I have to pay less attention to global grammar knowledge. Or if the participants are all technicians, then writing clear texts (for the customer) may receive extra attention.

2nd part: the training day itself
This training lasts from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.
The morning
Time: 9 am - 10.30 am
In the morning we first start with personal effectiveness. For this, the participants receive a homework assignment a week in advance, which is further discussed during the training. In addition, the participants gain insight into how they can organize their work more effectively, and there are of course useful tips & tricks that they can benefit from immediately.

10.30 am - 12.30 pm
During the rest of the morning the emphasis will be on internal e-mail traffic.

Topics that we will then cover:
• the etiquette / rules of conduct that apply to e-mail traffic;
• avoiding too much emotion in an email;
• when not to send an e-mail
• the structure and layout of an email.

 “We thought this was a great training. We already noticed the next day that fewer emails were being sent. "

The afternoon
The afternoon is intended for employees who mainly mail with external parties such as customers.

The topics that I am going to cover are:
• the etiquette / rules of conduct that apply to e-mail traffic;
• the structure and layout of an e-mail such as a quote or complaint;
• commercial correspondence including opening sentences and closing paragraphs.

After the training, participants receive a Word document by e-mail with some standard sentences that ware made during the training. This allows them to cut and paste a sentence so that they can work faster (after all they don't have to type it themselves) and the risk of typing errors is avoided.

 "We can recommend this training to anyone who wants to get rid of the frustrations surrounding e-mail traffic."

3rd part: the wrap up
After approximately 2 weeks I will contact you. Together with the applicant we investigate to what extent there are still questions and / or issues that the participants encounter. Or maybe someone wants to receive extra information about a certain part of the program? It can all be discussed during the wrap-up.

The price for this training is € 1.400,= excl. meeting room & facilities and lunch
Are you interested? Please give me a call: 0031 6 2303 1090.

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