From dreaming to dream job


What would it be like if you were completely happy with your work?
What would it be like if you whistled to work?
What would it be like if all the valuable potential that is now inside you came out?

Are you looking for that one dream job? Do you have a great idea with which you could start your own business? But don't you know how? Do you have many questions and do you need an overview? Then we should have a chat with each other.

-"She will help you get a better salary"-

Because what would it be like if you found a job in which you would be truly successful, where you could contribute and you would be truly happy? I can help you with that.
During this individual coaching I will prepare you for a new life

What will we do during the sessions?
I will give you a homework assignment in advance, in preparation. This is meant to get to the point faster during the sessions with me. In addition, you will gain insight into your strengths and weaknesses with the help of a short analysis. This preparation helps you to get to the heart of your problem or question during the session.
You can take this homework assignment to the 1st session

The sessions at my office
A few days later you will have your first session in my office. There will be a large pot of coffee / tea with biscuits and snacks ready; enough to get started with your situation.
During this 1st session you will work with the "what question" You will first receive a short scan, so that you are on the right track even faster. Then you will convert your questions, fears or problems into concrete, tangible, positive actions. Actions that you can immediately carry out the next day. So that you will find your dream job.

This first session lasts approximately 2 hours

We plan the 2nd session within a month.

And during the second session we deal with the "how-question".
We first look back at your established actions. What went well? What did you run into? We will tackle all these issues so that you can still achieve your predetermined goals. Of course you will also receive tools, tips & tricks to further flesh out your personal development
The 2nd session takes approximately 1.5 hours

During the individual coaching process you will be prepared for a new life. After the sessions you will get to work in an action-oriented way to find your dream job. And with the help of techniques and theories you can achieve your set goals in a short time.

Are you ready for a different job with more freedom and a better salary?
Would you like to start a top company?
Do you want a job that really makes you happy?

With the individual coaching you will work intensively to turn your dreams into a dream job

Wrap up
After about a month I will contact you (by telephone or video calling). During the wrap up we will evaluate the progress you have made. Do you perhaps need anything to continue? Do you want advice on how to tackle something? You can discuss it all possible during the wrap up.

Practical information
The Individual On Top Strategy takes place in my office.
In France
9, Résidence les Quinconces
91190 Gif sur Yvette

In the Netherlands
IJsselkade 120
7412 BL Deventer
Free parking is possible at both locations

From dreaming to dreamjob costs € 450,=
It is also possible to pay in 3 monthly installments of € 150,=

Interested? Send me an email: Then we first schedule a meeting to see if the Individual On Top Strategy fits your needs.