Managing like a TOPSecretary


Do you recognize the following situation:

• Someone on your team has just given birth. She proudly shows pictures of her baby to the others, but not to you. When you were still part of the team, you would definitely be involved in this get-together. But now that you are the manager of this team, you are no longer asked to join in. Actually, that picture doesn't interest you at all. But still it feels a bit lonely. You hear everyone say: ah gosh, what a sweetheart. And now you are watching everything from a distance.

• You have noticed for a while that a team member is working rather sloppily. Today she was supposed to send an important quote. It was the last day to send it, but she forgot. Yes, forgotten! How could she have forgotten that. You just don't know what to say. As a colleague on the team, you would have comforted her, and said it's stupid of course, but making mistakes is human, and the world won't end...
But now? As a manager you still sympathize with her, but you also know: you are being held accountable for it. Your own manager is mad at you and that team member immediately takes on the victim role. You just don't know what to do. You actually want to scold that person, but of course you can't. You feel totally powerless and you have no idea how to respond properly in such a case. How are you supposed to manage someone who works sloppily?

• Another team member had mentioned in an email that she thought that a customer was such a nag. She thought she had sent it to a colleague, but the CC happened to have the name of that one customer. You would like to pull your hair out of your head. Don´t you read your email before sending it? This isn't rocket science. And it could have been so easily prevented. Do you have to check every mail yourself before it is sent? Is that what you were hired for as a manager? But how do you manage such a situation? You almost explode with anger. But you also understand that she didn't do it on purpose. She also feels very bad now. Pfff it almost feels like an internal struggle. Now you have to go together to your own manager to explain what happened.

• When a big job has to be done, and everyone goes home at exactly 5 pm, and you are there until 7 pm. You thought you wouldn't do this together. Then why are you still here alone. When you were still a team member, you thought it was quite normal to get the job done. That is probably why you were approached for the position of manager. Everyone had come up with very nice excuses why they didn't want to work with you for a while. But you might also want to go to the gym sometime. How can you motivate your team to work longer together? Why is extra work within your team always such a hassle? It seems like you are the only one who understands this job needs to be done.

• And then there is you. You had envisioned yourself that you would be the perfect manager for your team. After all, you have a ton of work experience. Of course you knew that they would not immediately do the wave for you, but this leadership is really disappointing. You were certain that you wouldn't be like all those horrible managers you had. Those managers who were always annoyed and spoke condescendingly to you. But you gradually notice that you start to resemble those people very quickly. This is just not you. But who are you then? And that colleague who works sloppily? You want to discuss it with your manager, just some tips from someone who has been doing this for a while. But your manager says he doesn't have time. He says that someone of your level and in your role has to solve it yourself. After all, that's what he hired you for. Phew that really feels like a rejection.

But what would it be like for you if:

• your colleagues trust you again and you belong in the team, but as a manager
• that colleague functions as it should. And you can be proud of your team again.
• you know how to act adequately, humanely and constructively if someone makes a big mistake.
• you can also go home on time. Even if there is a lot of work. After all, you all do it together.
• if you unconditionally stand for your ideas and vision on leadership.

This is possible with the program: “Managing as a TOP Secretary”

This is a program of 5 sessions of 1 – 1.5 hours
These sessions will take place via Zoom or in my office
During this session, all aspects of managing a team are discussed.
There is a period of approximately 2 weeks between the sessions.

Wrap-up: After about a month I will contact you (by telephone or video calling). During the wrap up we will evaluate the progress you have made. Do you perhaps need anything to continue? Do you want advice on how to tackle something? You can discuss it all possible during the wrap up.

Your investment of the program “Leadership as a TOPSecretaresse” is € 500,=

What does this program bring you?

• Connection. When another baby is born, you say, 'Oh, do you have any pictures of the little one? You have some time, so now that you see children's photos circulating in the team, you join the conversation. And when you tenderly shout ooh and aah, you can see how much they like that. Nowadays you feel completely accepted again, but as a manager you decide for yourself when you want to participate at these kind of conversations.

• Management. You deal with those team members who function less in a positive and constructive way. No more hesitation about how to address someone who is sloppy. Because of your own unique management style, you know how to inspire and motivate every team member. Your team members know that your door is always open. You radiate trust and security, but you are also to the point. You get a compliment from your manager and you notice that your team is happy with you. Yes!

• Peace of mind. Now if someone makes a big mistake, you don't immediately get stressed. Of course you feel a slight panic coming on. But you also have the peace of mind to first look for a solution. Think for yourself: when you still worked a team member, something might have gone wrong for you too. How would you like it to be responded to? Precisely! You have now learned that.

• Collaboration. If a big job comes up now, you will tackle it together with all your team members. You shout: I'm going to order pizza, which one should I take? And everyone shouts in unison: Tuna!! You all have a good laugh about it. Having a group in an empty office in the evening also has a special vibe. The atmosphere is good. After dinner everyone gets to work. And before you know, the job is done. You have a team that is there for each other and supports each other.

• Self-confidence. You manage your team in a relaxed way. With respect, trust and empathy; for your team members, and also for yourself.

Practical information
The Individual On Top Strategy takes place in my office or via Zoom
In France: Gif sur Yvette
In the Netherlands: Deventer
Free parking is possible at both locations

Interested? Send me an email: Then we first schedule a meeting to see if the Individual On Top Strategy fits your needs.