Reference HSV

In our company we receive many e-mails, sometimes 60 - 80 per day.
In addition, the content sometimes left something to be desired. For example, if you send an email to a group, no one responds. Sometimes too much emotion was processed in an e-mail, which seemed a bit aggressive. In addition, the e-mail was almost used as a kind of WhatsApp, so that even more unnecessary mails were sent.

But how can we do a better job?
That is why we have done the training at Heleen of On Top Managementcoaching. The topics she covered in her training were:
• Time management and personal effectiveness; how do you deal with many emails and how can you organize your work better?

• Internal e-mail traffic: how do you create clear mail and how do you ensure that a deadline is met?

• External e-mail traffic: how to make a good offer that reflects the correct "tone of voice" of our company. Attention is also paid to structure and layout. 
  How to handle a complaint properly.

We know for sure that these issues also play a role at other companies. We thought this was a great training. We noticed the next day that fewer emails were being sent. We can recommend this training to anyone who wants to get rid of the frustrations surrounding e-mail traffic.

Ronald Bosch
Manager Customer Service HSV P&I